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    September TBR

    september tbr.jpgI think I top the list on the Guinness World Records for saying I’m going to read [insert any book title here] and never following through.

    The reason for this is because I am undeniably a mood reader. I can never make a list of books that I want to read and follow it in order, especially without buying more books in the meantime and ending up reading them instead.

    I thought it might be slightly helpful to make a list of books that I plan to read over September, a list that leaves a little room around the edges to whack random books I come across in there and fancy reading that day. I can read this in any order, and can also read books that aren’t on this list. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? We’ll see how it goes…


    The Greater Freedom by Alya Mooro

    I’ve been making a conscious effort to not just read the standard white female fiction authors recently so I have added this new release to the list first. This is a topic that I definitely don’t know much about, so I’m really excited to get stuck in.

    The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

    This has been sitting in my bookcase for years and now my brother has finally realised I have his copy and has asked for it back. He will forget again though, so I’ll use that opportunity to finally get around to reading it. Plus it would mean I can scratch another book off my ‘100 books to read’ poster.

    The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

    Another book on the ‘100 books’ poster, this was recommended to me by a friend recently and I was so intrigued by it that I went straight home and ordered it for myself.

    The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

    This book isn’t even released yet (don’t worry, I’ve had it on pre-order since the day it was announced) but it already taking proud place on this list. I am a major fan of The Handmaid’s Tale and Atwood in general, so I’ll be diving straight into this when it arrives in the post on release day (10th September).


    Are you any good at sticking to your TBRs?


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    New In #2

    new in 2 - writing finch (1)How many times in your life have you spoken or thought the words: “I need to stop buying books.”

    Every. Damn. Week.

    The wonderful thing about being back in Glasgow for university is my mum can no longer see how many parcels arrive for me all containing new books and therefore I have no one moaning at me for how much I am spending on them and where on earth are you gong to put them all, Holly???

    I thought I would share with you today some of the books that have been added to my collection recently. I haven’t read any of these yet, but I might do some reviews on any that I have strong feelings about when I have. Let me know if there is any in particular that you would like a follow up on!

    Vagina – Naomi Wolf

    I kept seeing this pop up on Chloe Plumstead’s insta story and earlier this week I finally gave in and ordered it. From the author of The Beauty Myth, this “combines cutting-edge science with cultural history to explore the role of female desire and how it affects female identity, creativity and confidence.” It ” goes to the very core of what it means to be female” and examines the vagina in relation to women’s sexuality. I feel like this is going to be such an interesting read and will be so important in better understanding the female body and mind.

    Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan

    I feel it is a pretty safe assumption for me to make that every single person reading this will have heard of the film version of this. Like many book lovers, I much prefer reading the book version first before delving into the cinematic performance, so this is pretty near the top of my list.

    The Infinite Pieces of Us – Rebekah Crane

    I think this might have been my choice for November’s Kindle First. I have no idea what it was about, and like to choose my ebook option each month without really reading any of the descriptions so I can really surprise myself and find something I might not have picked otherwise (a method which is working pretty well so far and I can recommend).

    We Were Mothers – Katie Sise

    I feel absolutely no shame in saying that I bought this book for one reason and one reason alone – the beautiful cover. I mean, look at it!!! It also turns out that it is a really well-made book to, and the pages feel so beautifully soft and thick and luxurious that I just want to stroke it and flick through it all the time. The physical act of reading this is going to be so satisfying. This one is about a scandal in a boring, perfect town which makes me picture the Desperate Housewives houses. The “web of secrets” mentioned in the synopsis had me sold.

    The Rule of One – Ashley Saunders and Leslie Saunders

    It isn’t often that you manage to find something in Kindle Unlimited that you have actually heard of before, so I quickly downloaded this while I had the chance. This dystopian novel is set in a version of the United States in the future where they have enforced a Chinese-style one child policy to tackle the population issue. Hence, the rule of one. Naturally, this novel then explores what happens when a pair of identical twins, Ava and Mira, who have been living as one for their entire lives and trading places every other day, suddenly find that their charade has been exposed. This sounds fast-paced and exciting, and I hope it lives up to that.

    ARCs/Review Copies

    HWFG – Chris McQueer

    This is one I actually received to review as part of my role as the Arts editor of my student newspaper, so I won’t be reviewing it on here (but I will still put something up on my Goodreads about it when I have finished it). Chris is a truly fantastic young Scottish short story writer, and his first book, Hings, had me in stitches.

    Heavenward – Olga Gibbs

    I am part of the blog tour for this, and my review stop is on the 10th of December, so keep an eye out for that. A big hallelujah to Melanie who is running the tour for actually giving me a decent amount of time to read it and not three days like you quite often get. Do people not realise we actually have lives outside of reviewing books… Anyway, the synopsis of this doesn’t give too much away, but “a quiet, unnoticeable girl with a hidden strength” has me hooked.

    Korrigan – Rebecca F. Kenney

    I was really interested in the premise of this book but I had to say that I am going to be so crazy busy over the next little while that I wasn’t sure if I would have time to read this and do it justice. But, Rebecca was so lovely and sent me a copy of the book anyway under no obligation to review it. Sometimes doing this would possibly annoy me and would make me feel pressured to do it anyway, but she was really nice in the way that she came across and so I don’t mind in the slightest, and actually really appreciate it.

    The Things We Learn When We Are Dead – Charlie Laidlaw

    I’ve have had this ARC for so long it is beginning to get a little bit embarrassing, but I just haven’t got round to reading it yet. I really need to move it to the top of my list. On the way home from a dinner party, our protagonist Lorna Love gets hit by a car, and what follows is a book about consequences, second chances, memories, and where we go when we die.


    Let me know if you have read any of these books, and what I should expect from them! And then tell me I am NOT ALLOWED TO BUY ANY MORE BOOKS UNTIL I READ SOME OF THESE.

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    New In #1

    As I am sure is the case for most obsessive readers, I am constantly buying books before I have even made a dent in the already huge to-read piles dotted around my room.

    Before I probably buy more and don’t touch these books for a good couple of months, here are a few books I have picked up recently! Reviews coming soon for any I have strong feelings about.

    (All links are to the respective Goodreads pages where you will find what others think of them, and shopping links.)


    1. Eve of Man – Tom and Giovanna Fletcher

    To completely contradict everything I just said, this particular book is not getting left to collect dust on my bookshelf before I read it for the first time. I have been so excited for this book to be released for so long, especially in the past couple of weeks when I have been stalking them both on Instagram stories and seeing them already planning book two. They seem like the most genuine, lovely people, with the cutest kids, and I am already a big fan of Gi’s writing. Those factors already had me sold on the book, and then I read what it is what about and couldn’t have been more thrilled. When I started writing this post, I had originally said that First, We Make the Beast Beautiful was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. Since then, I have collected this book from Waterstones where I had pre-ordered it from, and I had to amend what I said. THIS is the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Look at that glitter. It is everything I could hope for in a book cover. If I was the author, this would be the book cover of dreams. 

    2. Rebel Heart – Penelope Ward

    I read the first book in this two-part series when it came out and then forgot all about the sequel which was to be released soon after. That is, until I saw it pop up on another book blog (sorry – I forget which!) and went straight on Amazon to download it. I did quite like the first one, although it didn’t totally blow me away. I can’t leave it where it ended on the cliffhanger, though, and need to know what happens next.

    3. First, We Make the Beast Beautiful – Sarah Wilson

    This gorgeous book claims to have a new take on anxiety, and I have high hopes for how it is going to make me feel when I read it. I really hope it lives up to expectation. It seems like a book that you can dip in and out of whenever you have some spare time, so I will probably be reading this alongside all the rest in this list.

    4. Meet Cute (short story anthology)

    This has been on my wishlist for a while now, but I finally took the plunge and ordered it when I spotted it as the June book in the Blogger’s Bookshelf Book Club. I’ve never taken part in this before, and I am so excited! I love reading a book at the same time as other people and getting to hear their thoughts on it too to see how they compare to mine. You get to pick up on things you maybe didn’t notice yourself too. This anthology contains sweet stories from 14 different YA authors, some of which I have read before like Sara Shepard, Nicola Yoon, and Jennifer L. Armentrout, as well as others that I have never heard of. That’s the beauty of a collection, I guess.

    5. History Is All You Left Me – Adam Silvera

    This is actually one which my best friend gave me to borrow, and I have high hopes for it. I haven’t ever read any Adam Silvera before, but I have heard good things about him.

    Make sure to add me on Goodreads to keep up to date with my reading progress!