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Book Review: Heavenward by Olga Gibbs (Blog Tour)

Hello, hello. How are we all? I am writing this on my couch in a big thick cardigan with a bowl of chicken noodle soup to my left and a pile of disgusting used tissues on my right as I sniff roughly every five letters typed. Thank you so much to my lovely flatmate for passing on this cold before jetting off to Canada this morning to visit family and leaving me to wallow all alone.

Today it is my stop on the Heavenward blog tour, as organised by Melanie from Fraser’s Fun House and the author herself, Olga Gibbs. I want to start by saying this is the best blog tour/ARC/whatever that I have been involved in, simply because of the way it has been organised and how interactive it has been. Not only are both Melanie and Olga so lovely, but they also created a group chat on Twitter so we could read each other’s reviews and share them, share our thoughts with Olga, and generally just have fun with it all. THIS is how a blog tour should be.

Now, on to the review…


With the power to end the world, would you protect humanity when it broke you or would you take revenge?

Meet Ariel: a quiet, unnoticeable girl with an incredible gift…

Ariel never had an easy or pleasant life, but the arrival of three gorgeous strangers meant her measured life is turned upside down, as she discovers that angels exist.

But when three new students appear in her sleepy town’s school, Ariel’s dull and measure life is thrown into turmoil, as she is drawn into an ancient celestial conflict that is bigger than her and which she will need to survive to remain herself.

Now against her will, she’s drawn into an ancient celestial conflict, where her powers will decide the fate of humanity.

Deceived, threatened, hunted, and now on the run, who can she trust?

Heavenward[2626]MY THOUGHTS

Even though I was sent a copy of this to review, I just want to point out that in no way does that affect my review.

First of all, I really enjoyed the blend of the fantasy and the real. From my (admittedly limited) experience in fantasy, many novels in this genre don’t have two distinctly different worlds. Heavenward, however, starts off in a perfectly human world, one which has absolutely no elements of fantasy other than the fact it is a ‘sleepy’ town (a description which I actually really hate lol) so you know that something is about to go down. Ariel is also a pretty strong female lead, one which I really enjoyed getting to know. She is another one of those take-no-bullshit characters that I love so much.

Read Yourself Happy said in her review that she thought it was a little too fast-paced for her liking and this maybe suited newcomers to the fantasy genre more, and she was absolutely right. As I have mentioned on here before, it wasn’t until earlier this year – summertime I think – that I really got into YA fantasy, pretty much as soon as I started reading A Court of Thorns and Roses. It had never interested me before. To this day, I still haven’t read very much in the genre at all, so I am by no means an expert, but that is what made me accept this review when the email came through inviting me onto the blog tour.

But, as much as I wanted to absolutely adore it because of how lovely the tour itself is, I do have a few small gripes.

Is this England? America? With ‘arse’ and ‘feds’ in the same sentence, I really have no idea. I think it is meant to be a small town in England, from what I remember, but there were so many Americanisms that I am sure were probably not deliberate that made this less than believable.

I think because of what I am studying at university and it is all so fresh in my mind I can be a little harsh and nitpicky with other writers, and some sentences just went a liiiiitle too far for me, like the description of his smell when they first meet. It was all a little too fluffy and overrun with metaphors for me to truly get into the story.

The dialogue also wasn’t always completely believable for teenagers either. ‘I’m new here and would like us to be friends’? They would never say that. And what about ‘Rachel thinks he must be a nerd because he wears glasses’? Was going to say I wear glasses but I am actually a nerd (lol) but the majority of people aren’t. There were a bit too many sweeping generalisations and stereotypes. And a town that small and she actually has to question if THREE new students all in the one day could maybe mean something is up? OF COURSE IT BLOODY IS.

One final thing – was the cover designed on Paint?

I feel like I am coming across as a little mean here, but I promise I am just trying to be constructive! I really love the idea of angels, which aren’t something I have read about since joining the fantasy-loving crew. And, there wasn’t a biblical feel to it all, which may have put some readers off if they didn’t know that. I am actually really looking forward to reading the sequel, Hallow, when it is released next year to find out what happens next with Ariel, Sam, and Rafe.

Which, btw, TEAM RAFE ALL THE WAY <3 <3 <3

heavenward 1

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  • Reply Kristina

    !!! Man, i find this edition so much prettier than the former one.. 😅

    Though this book was my very first fantasy, so im probably a little biased; aswell as english not being my first language I was more focus onto actually understanding and not nitpick at the phrases like you did; i do find thoses mentions interresting … for the « teenagers dont speak like that » point… technically they aren’t 🤔 If you think of Rafe and Sam, they actually are hundread years old angels.. so id say it *could* make sense from them to say it like that ..

    Nonetheless; Im so excited to read the following tome!! (Might need some slight refresher..) and id hop onto the blog tour train with y’all 😘

    December 11, 2018 at 5:16 AM
    • Reply thewritingfinch

      I have actually seen the previous edition and you are definitely right there, this one is such an improvement!

      As for your point about the dialogue, I hadn’t even considered that!! That is such a good observation to make, thank you for pointing it out! I stand corrected, you have just turned my slightly negative opinion of it into a positive one so thank you!

      December 11, 2018 at 11:10 AM
  • Reply kerry robinson

    I totally agree that this is how tours should be ran and if I ever move into that role I’ll be taking a leaf out of Mel’s book.

    December 11, 2018 at 2:54 PM
    • Reply thewritingfinch

      Me too! Storing it away at the back of my mind for future use.

      December 11, 2018 at 4:06 PM
  • Reply Melanie

    Thank you for taking part in the blog Tour Holly.

    Melanie |

    December 13, 2018 at 10:07 AM
    • Reply thewritingfinch

      Thank you for running it so well!

      December 13, 2018 at 10:08 AM

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