I’ve Only Gone and Done It

Can you believe it.

I have become some sort of technological genius seemingly overnight and have just successfully managed to not only move my blog from Blogger to WordPress, but also managed to create my own domain. No more annoying ‘’ at the end of my URL! I am feeling very swish and business-like right now, if you can’t tell.

Fellow WordPress users! You can finally now follow my blog easily – just click the little button in the sidebar on the right.

I still have several kinks to iron out and there are definitely things I want to change, but that will come with time I guess and for now I am just glad that my blog and its previous blog posts have not been lost in the abyss that is the internet. I’ve no idea how I managed it without having a meltdown either.

Thank you to everyone who gave me such encouraging words on Twitter and offered their services if I got stuck! I really do love the blogging community, and I swear that love grows more and more each day.

Over and out,

A WordPress Extraordinaire xo

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