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30 Questions To Get To Know Me

Well that’s a large photo of my mug to start us off, isn’t it.

HELLO. It has now been nearly a month since I posted on my blog, and like I said on Twitter, it was beginning to feel like the longer the break became, the more stressful it was.

I am also back at university now and officially a FOURTH YEAR Honours degree student. I honestly can’t believe. Where did the time go?! How can I really be nearly DONE?! The pressure has really been mounting up, especially the past week. I am perhaps even a little bit too overwhelmed. I think the weight and importance of it all has suddenly hit me all at once and now I am like, “SHIT I need to get my act together,” whilst also simultaneously letting Netflix auto-play the next episode of Jane the Virgin.

This is a post that I had saved in my drafts, nearly complete and ready to go for a rainy day. Well that day is today (although, actually, it isn’t raining). Now that I have come to terms with those first week jitters (almost), I am hoping to get a little bit better with my time management and motivation and get. shit. done. Encouraging words are welcomed!!! Please!!!

I came across this list of questions while reading a blog last month (sorry I have forgotten who! I will update this if I remember, I knew I should’ve put the link in this post while I was still on the page).

I have been blogging a few months now, so it must be about time that you knew something about me other than the fact that I quite enjoy a good book and a good glass of pink gin and lemonade. Turns out, there are a few other almost interesting facts about myself. Who knew.

These questions are pretty great because they cover a good range of topics! Feel free to use them for a blog post of your own – I want to get to know you too! I’m a nosy person, alright.

apparently I don’t know what to do with my hands in photos

1. Are you named after someone?

No, but my mum once told me that she always like the name Holly when she was young and said she would name her daughter that! And then I was born four days after Christmas, so it turned out to be very appropriate.

2. When was the last time you cried?

Any time I watch any remotely emotional clip on Facebook, so about an hour ago.

3. Do you have kids?

Not yet, but I definitely want them someday! My two nephews and niece are my kids for now.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

I’d like to think so! I am nerdy, love cheesy dad jokes, and going out to drink vodka and pink gin with my friends. I’d like that person.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Only every third sentence. So no, not often (lol).

6. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Their teeth. I’m a sucker for some good pearly whites.

7. What is your eye colour?


8. Scary movie or happy endings?

Happy endings FOR SURE – I hate scary movies so much. Where is the enjoyment there? I DON’T GET IT.

9. Favourite smells?

Scones in the oven at work, banana bread, coffee beans, old library books.

10. What’s the furthest you have ever been from home?

I went on a three week trip to Nepal in the summer of 2014 with a group of people from school to trek in the Himalayas and do charity work in a deprived area of Kathmandu.

11. Do you have any special talents?

I can do the strangest shapes with my tongue. Like, you don’t even want to see a picture of it I don’t think. I wonder if that makes me a good kisser?!?! (wishful thinking)

12. Where were you born?

In a tiny little hospital in the tiny little town that I still live in when I’m not in Glasgow for university! I definitely wasn’t meant to be born there, the nearest maternity ward at that time was about 45 minutes away but apparently my mum couldn’t hold me in there. The only time in my life I’ve tried so hard to be early for something.

13. What are your hobbies?

Blogging, of course. Reading, DUH. But also – getting my nails done, going Sunday shopping trips with my mum, drinking pink gin, finding new cute little independent coffee shops in Glasgow, and browsing second hand bookstores.

14. Do you have any pets?

Yes – lots of fish! We inherited a fish tank when my gran passed away a couple of years ago and there is two fish in there, and we also have a pond in the back garden with 11 fish in it. Or, there was 11 fish until a few weeks ago when my mum spotted two little babies dashing about. I named them Aretha and Franklin in light of recent events.

15. Do you have any siblings?

I have a 23-year-old brother who lives here at home, and a 35-year-old sister who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and three kids (the kids I mentioned in Q3).

16. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Some sort of writer, or something to do with books. As long as I am around words, I’ll be happy. I’d love to publish my own novel someday.

17. Who was your first best friend?

A girl called Rachel whose mum worked with mine at the time in the local bank. She sadly moved down to England when we were six or seven though, but we still keep in contact occasionally.

18. How tall are you?

Not the tallest – around 5 ft 5.

19. Funniest moment through school?

They are definitely all had to be there moments. Do you ever get that? You are telling someone a story about people they don’t know that you think is just HILARIOUS and they don’t even crack a polite smile. Well, alright then.

20. How many countries have you visited?

America, Canada, Spain, France, Nepal, England, Ireland, and probably some that I am missing from when I was too young to remember the trip. But I can say 7 for definite.

21. What was your favourite/worst subject at school?

Not to sound really braggy or anything, but I was actually kind of naturally smart at everything (god, listen to me). I never really struggled with any of my subjects academically, but I did hate P.E. My favourite was English. A lot of it depends on the teacher though, as is the case with a lot of people! I had a really great Maths teacher too, so I was a weird kid that enjoyed both English and Maths.

22. What is your favourite drink? Animal? Perfume?

What a strange mix of categories. Non-alcoholic drink – coffee. Alcoholic – pink gin and lemonade (have I mentioned this once or twice or a million times???) or some sort of fruity cocktail. My favourite animal is an elephant, and perfume is Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh.

23. What would you name your children?

I always wanted Eva, after my gran, but then my sister got there first with my niece so now I need to reconsider!

24. What sports do you play/have you played?

Lol sports. What are they. I used to be in a swimming club though! Hated competing, but loved how calmng swimming can be on the mind.

25. Who are some of your favourite Youtubers?

The Saccone Jolys, Our Tiny Tribe, and Louise Pentland.

26. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

I’ve never had a serious boyfriend, but I have seen boys, if that counts. The modern day dating.

27. Favourite memory from childhood?

I don’t have one top memory that sticks out from my childhood, but a few key events stick out. I fondly remember a holiday to a rural town in France when I was young, as well as the year that my sister visited at Christmas with two of her college friends. She usually came in the summer so this was particularly exciting. We went out just the two of us on my birthday and had sticky toffee pudding for lunch, which felt very rebellious.

28. How would you describe your fashion sense?

My best friend Emma says I am incapable of going anywhere ‘casual’. And I’m that person that wears jeans to just chill in the house. They are comfy, ok!!!

29. What phone do you have?

A gold iPhone 6s (with a gold Guess cover on it that I got in TK Maxx for a fiver).

30. Tell us one of your bad habits!

Just one?! I’m messy, often unmotivated and lazy, I pick at my nail polish then hate myself after when it looks all gross…need I go on?

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    I love reading these types of blog posts, I always get to know amazing people! Have a lovely day <3

    September 24, 2018 at 1:04 PM
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    So do I!! Glad you enjoyed it ❤️

    September 24, 2018 at 1:05 PM
    • Reply Matilda

      That’s a nicely made answer to a chnlleaging question

      November 18, 2018 at 10:51 PM

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