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    Book Review: Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah

    Long time no see! Happy new year! It’s 2021 and the world is still shit! I haven’t blogged since OCTOBER 2020 and yet very little has changed. Scotland is still in lockdown, we still can’t see our friends, shops are still closed and most importantly, so are pubs (CRY). On the plus side, I started a new full time job for the NHS at the start of this month and loving getting to use my brain again!

    I’m going to try and get back into blogging whilst not putting any pressure on myself, just because I know I enjoy the cathartic release of putting finger to keyboard. If I’m not here though, I’m always hanging around on my bookstagram account, if you don’t already follow me! I’m (or the Instagram widget at the bottom of my blog).

    So, I’m back with a review for one of the most exciting books I have read so far in February, Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah. I actually think I should also be commended for this because I first spotted this book in the book aisle of the supermarket and was hooked by the blurb, but then I was smart about it and checked how much it was on kindle. Only 99p! I definitely didn’t need another paperback, which doesn’t normally stop me tbh. I haven’t seen any reviews of this before or heard the title, so I really was going into it blind but with decent expectations from that juicy outline.

    Don’t get me wrong – this story is FAR FETCHED. But something about it really drew me in and I was flying through the pages, starting and finishing the whole thing in 24 hours or less. It had that ‘just one more chapter’ feeling about it, where I just couldn’t get enough and had to know more. I admit, the reveal was slightly disappointing but the build up was just so good that I can’t help but rate this book highly. It has been a long time since I have sat down with a book that I was desperate to digest massive chunks of in one go. I have found myself reading one or two chapters of books recently and wanting to drop off to sleep. This wasn’t like this. I couldn’t sleep because of my whirling with the madness.

    If you have to be reading this on an iPhone or iPad or any Apple device – 😐😮😧🤯🤯😐 = my experience of this book.

    I spent about 75% of the book going oh my goddddd, questioning everything I thought I knew. I had absolutely zero train of thought and didn’t even try to come up with my own ideas of where it might be going, like you can usually do with a thriller. This is a WILD RIDE. 

    On a side note, or two. I loved the character of Beth’s daughter, the mini sleuth that added so much to the story, and I loved that no one just dismissed Beth as a ‘crazy woman’ that must have imagined it all. They actually listened to her?! Imagine.

    This is well worth your weekend and still a bargain at only 99p on Kindle!

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